Who Has The Right of Way?

1) If a vehicle arrives at an intersection before you, it has the right of way. No, speed doesn’t determine who has right of way, buddy. If you see that a fellow driver is already waiting at an intersection before you get there, the proper move would be to yield—not speed up to get ahead. 

2) If two cars get to an intersection at the same time, the one to the right has right of way. So both of you reach the intersection simultaneously. If the other driver is crossing from the right side, you must give way. 

3) When turning left at intersections, you will only have right of way if you use your turn signal at least 30 meters before reaching the intersection. If there are cars arriving or already too close to the intersection, give allowance or make a full stop and let them pass. 

4) At roundabouts or when merging onto a highway, if a car has made a full stop on a side street prior to merging, it has right of way. If you are merging or entering a roundabout, let any cars already within the intersection pass first before proceeding.CONTINUE READING

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