WATCH!! How motorcycle tires are made: Michelin

You think your motorcycle tires is only made of rubber? you are wrong. Tires are made of a many different materials like rubber, fabric, kevlar, bead, etc.

After the design process. The tire will start the production process. Motorcycle tires are made in stages.

First stage, is the mixing of the compounds. A compound is a mixture of raw materials like natural rubber, synthetic rubber, silica, etc. The ratio of the mix will decide if it is a hard compound or soft compound.

On Second stage, the building of the carcass. The carcass is the main body of the tire. This is where the fabrics, chords, beads are put together.

Third stage is where the carcass is lined up with the compounds. The compounds is the part of the motorcycle tire that touches the road.

On the final stage, the tires is put inside a pressurized oven. The heat and pressure will bond the materials together especially the carcass and the compounds. This process will also make the final form of the tire. The time and temperature of the oven will decide the quality of the tire.

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