LS2 Helmets "Ride on the Head of the Future"

Giuseppe Porcu was named new CEO of Tech Design Team S.L., the European Headquartes of the LS2 Helmets Brand in Barcelona. The Spanish company, which has been working for more than twenty years in the protective helmets industry, has assisted to a steady and rapid growth that has led to the production of over 3,000,000 helmets per year.

Giuseppe Porcu, 47 years old, already Sales Director Europe, has a long experience in the automotive sector, having started his professional career at Vemar, then continued at Givi to land in 2009 at LS2 Helmets, where over the years has contributed with passion and motivation to the Brand development, both commercially and strategically.

At Barcelona Headquarters all the LS2 collection are designed and developed -street, off-road, jet, demi-jet, modular and children, then distributed and sold in more than 86 countries around the world. Designer, engineers and technicians at R&D Center are all two-wheel lovers and they put their knowledge and passion in the design of each new model, to create more contemporary helmets with a look to safety and functionality.

The ultimate touch is given by the creatives who, by interpreting the most current style and trends of the moment, propose a variety of graphics and colors able to satisfy a wide range of users, male and female, young and adult. 

The great attention towards the Brand in every part of the world, the strong growth that let LS2 helmets become in recent years the leading sales force in many countries, the need to propose a collection that is increasingly attentive to the request of a very demanding market and the desire to continue to grow by creating a 360° excellence service for all customers, acquired and potential, led the company to the appointment of the new CEO, a major change that has the goal of driving LS2 Helmets towards its global consolidation.

Taking inspiration from the pay-off Always Ahead that accompanies it, LS2 Helmets will continue to write its story, offering more and more innovative and quality helmets with state-of-the-art know-how. A total dedication to safety, comfort and style that represents the distinctive sign of a well-deserved success!

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