Importance of motorcycle insurance in the Philippines

If you’re like many Filipinos, you may have purchased a motorcycle to avoid the stress and inconveniences associated with traditional means of transportation, or maybe you purchased your motorcycle strictly for fun.

Regardless of your reason for purchase, it’s important that you get motorcycle insurance to cover you and your motorcycle should an accident occur. You may be asking yourself, why do I need a motorcycle insurance in the Philippines? This post will help you understand why having the best motorcycle insurance is a necessary commodity.

6 Reasons You Need The Best Motorcycle Insurance In The Philippines

Road Conditions: It’s no secret that many Philippine roads are in dire need of repair. Many are full of potholes and cracks which could cause major problems for motorcyclists. In fact, even the smallest faults in the road can easily cause a motorcyclist to lose balance, skid, tip, or roll when in moderate and especially during high speeds. Motorcycle insurance can help protect you and your bike from damage and injury incurred as a result of poor road conditions.
Undisciplined Drivers: If you have driven on Philippine roadways, chances are you are aware of how undisciplined some Filipino drivers are. Getting motorcycle insurance in the Philippines will provide you with peace of mind knowing you and your motorcycle are covered should you be involved in an accident due to someone else’s reckless driving.
Security & Safety: According to MMDA’s 2016 data, there are about 66 motorcycle accidents recorded each day in Metro Manila. With such a high number of daily accidents, it’s easy to see how having a motor vehicle insurance in the Philippines is a necessity for all motorcyclists. Motorcycle insurance will help cover your medical bills should you become seriously injured, or should your motorcycle become severely damaged in an accident.

Traffic Jams: In addition to annoyance, traffic jams can also be dangerous to motorcyclists. When traffic jams occur, other drivers on the road may become impatient, rushed, or reckless. This is usually when accidents happen. Traffic jams also result in constant braking, lane changing, and swerving which could be the cause of a major accident. Motorcycle insurance can protect you from injury and damage sustained from a traffic jam-related incident.

Road Rage Tendencies: Road rage can be a huge danger to the average motorist, and even more dangerous to a motorcyclist who does not have a seatbelt, air bags, or a hard exterior protecting him or herself from bodily harm. Getting one of the best motorcycle insurance policies in the Philippines will provide you with peace of mind knowing you will be taken cared of should you become a victim of a road rage incident.

Easy To Steal: According to a report by the Philippine National Police Highway Patrol Group, there were an average of 28 motorcycles stolen per day in the last quarter of 2015. Simply put, motorcycles are easier to steal and hot-wire than other vehicles, making them an easy target for criminals. Thus, it’s important to get motorcycle insurance to cover you should you become a victim of motorcycle theft.

Differences Between Motorcycle Insurance & Car Insurance

If you are not an expert in the insurance industry, you may believe that motorcycle insurance and car insurance are the same thing; however, they are not. Here are three main differences between motorcycle insurance and car insurance.

Two & Four Wheels Are Not The Same: Motorcycle insurance and car insurance are not the same thing. Just because you have car insurance does not mean you have motorcycle insurance and vice versa. The type of insurance you buy will indicate the size of vehicle you can operate with the coverage you have.

Passengers: Since cars have multiple seats, most car insurance policies will include coverage for passengers under a general policy. The same cannot be said for motorcycle insurance. Most insurance companies do not see a motorcycle as a means of transportation for more than one person, thus depending on your insurance provider you may need to purchase additional insurance to cover passengers.

Motorcycle Insurance May Be More Expensive: Given the added risk associated with riding a motorcycle, your motorcycle insurance policy may be costlier than your car insurance policy.

If you’re looking for the best motorcycle insurance, you can do a quick search online to give you a list of vehicle insurance providers in the Philippines. You should also research on the common vehicle insurance mistakes that people usually make so you can avoid experiencing the same problem. Nowadays, getting the right information is done easier online, with many resources to help you learn more about motorcycle insurance, including how to apply and make a claim.

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