This cool 86-year-old tito still rides his big bikes

They say that when you reach the age of 60, you’re considered lucky. When you reach 70, it’s a bonus. And when you exceed 80 years old, you've hit the lotto jackpot!

Here’s Pete Cariquitan, aka Tito Pete, who recently turned 86. A retired banker, he draws his energy from motorcycling. Tito Pete is the most senior among the members of the Hombres de Manila, a closely knit motorcycle group composed of active and retired professionals.

The octogenarian has thousands of kilometers of riding escapades to share. One of his favorite stories is about a homecoming event of his batch at De La Salle University. Tito Pete recalls that some of his former classmates arrived on wheelchairs, while others walked with canes or crutches. On that same evening, the avid motorcyclist shocked everyone when he showed up on his Ducati motorbike, looking macho in full riding gear.

Up to now, Tito Pete mounts himself on big bikes without anyone’s help. Moto Sapiens was fortunate to join Hombres de Manila's birthday ride for him, an icon in the local riding community. Press play above to get to know him more, and find out his secret to a long and happy life by watching until the end.

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