Awesome Despite Also Being Poor, This Guy Provides Free 24/7 Motorcycle ‘Ambulance’ Service to Poor People in His Village!

Working at a tea plantation company in Jalpaiguri, India earns Karimul Haq just Rs 5,000 ($75) per month yet he manages to provide poor people in his village with motorcycle ‘ambulance’ service they can avail of anytime of the day, even when he is at work – and he charges NOTHING from them!

So, why is he doing it? What’s the catch?

Well, there is no catch! He does it for free, without expecting anything in return – and all that was because he vowed that no one in the village would ever die like his mom, because there was no vehicle to rush her to the nearest hospital located 45 km away!

The village only has a small clinic that provides first aid treatment. The villagers have to seek proper at the government clinic at the next town but because most of them are poor, they could not go there for help.

When Karimul’s mother died, he promised her such would never happen again. So, he immediately took a loan to buy a motorcycle and roamed around town to ‘advertise’ his services.

For over 14 years now, Karimul has provided the town with its makeshift ambulance, driving an average of 100 patients per month – that’s around 3 people a day! In all those years, he hasn’t taken a day off from his job at the tea plantation or as volunteer ambulance driver/provider.

His boss gives him the freedom to skip work each time he gets a call – and that’s because he is the only one the town can truly rely on!

Most patients have to sit upright on his motorcycle but the worst cases are placed on a trolley which Karimul attaches to his ‘ambulance’.

Today, he gets donations from other workers in the town, even from students, as he continues to provide free services to the people. Each month, he toils hard at the tea plantation so he could have enough money to feed his family and to operate his free ambulance service.

He might be poor but this man definitely has a heart of gold!

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