Wish List: 5 Pint-Sized Motorcycles for 2017

The past decade showed the surge of “underbones” or “150cc-and-under” motorcycles in the Philippine market. Now almost 4 million units and counting, it has been the staple of “Juan Manggagawa” as the alternative to commuting to and from work. Even women and students now use these small bikes, as it has been more affordable than ever, with minimal down payment and miniscule monthly amortization. Peppy, easy to use, with endless supply of aftermarket parts, these features assure that underbones and mini-bikes will be the preferred mode of transportation, beating the automobile, in the next few years.

Manufacturers know this for a fact, so they upped the ante by producing upscale models that cater to the more adventurous riders. Increasing the engine size but still maintaining the under 400cc limit. Here is a list of some of the “small but formidable” motorcycles that may tickle your riding fancy.

Although there are a lot more worth mentioning, these units are available locally through their respective authorized dealers. They are attractive, frugal and easy on parts. What’s more, they are perfect for navigating the urban jungle they call Manila. They’re the perfect package on two wheels!
                                                              The sporty one: KTM 390 Duke
                                     The macho one: Honda Rebel 300 (Availability to be announced)
                                                               The cool one: BMW G310R
                                                            The cute one: Kawasaki- Z125
                                                           The sleek one: SUZUKI GSX250R


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