My wife's Scoot

Check out how this barista was able to transform his Yamaha Mio into a gleaming piece of art meant for bike shows.

Twenty-nine year old Batangueno Christian Aldrin Cleofe Balita, who works as a chef/barista overseas, initially wanted to modify the Mio Soul I into a stable scooter, something that his wife could easily ride on while he’s abroad.

But when he picked up a concept online and checked out his friends’ “show bikes,” things just went out of hand.

As a result, they were able to craft a scooter that could break your neck. They say it could break your neck watching the scooter.

“I first started with the rear conversion… I converted the stock wheels to a 12×7 fatty [all-terrain vehicle] wheel, ITP SS212. I converted the regular drum brake to disc brake. Instead of regular stock, I made it brembo caliper with a Thai-made discs for the rear and front,” said Balita.

“At the front, I put a 12×4 Ensure mag wheels from Japan and convert the regular t-post to allow the installation of a 4-inch thick wheel.”

And those conversions were just for the wheels.

With the help of Jorge Gasis of JKLworkz, they were also able to turn the Mio Soul I into something more.

Check out the pictures to see for yourselves.

Balita admitted that it feels awkward at times when people ogle at his scooter whenever he takes it to the street.

“But I’m proud of my build,” he said. “People approach me to take pictures of my bike.”

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