Monster looking KTM RC 200

Check out how this 27-year-old businessman had his KTM RC 200 converted to an even meaner-looking bike.

Eugene Ian Pili Saysay’s journey to this aggressive-looking bike actually involved a couple of nasty spills.

Saysay, who owns several establishments in Camarines Sur, said he and his bike experienced some flip overs. Naturally, the bike incurred some damages and repairs were expensive.

Being the practical businessman, Saysay has decided to make changes with his KTM to save on repair costs.

“It’s too expensive to put the bike back to original piece,” he said. “So I think I need to modify the bike because its too expensive to restore it, So I could change the look of my bike again. Hehehe.”

Saysay said he searched the world wide web for ideas, that’s why he came up with a design that looked like an offspring of a street fighter and a café racer.

“That is why when they saw the bike they don't understand,” he quipped. “I want to be unique in every way. Even my iPhone I engrave it to make it different from the others.”

Saysay has decided to remove the face of the bike, rear seat, stock mudguard, side mirror. Then he cut off the fairings and installed bigger tires. He installed a pair of mean looking fairings, a round headlight, and an alien-looking fly screen. He was also inventive with his rear mud guard and the decals.

The hard part, he said, was the assembly after painting.

Saysay feels the bike’s performance improve because of the decreased weight.

“The performance is better ‘Due to lighten parts,”

Some were shock with the bike’s transformation. But for Saysay, his bike is the sexiest of them all.

“True beauty is in the eye of beholder. because don't appreciate what I did,” he said. “But form e my bike is kin sexy and hot.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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