Honda Flagship Shop Grand Opening in Cebu City, Philippines!

Cebu City, January 21, 2017 – Honda Philippines Inc.(HPI), the country’s most renowned motorcycle brand, in partnership with Du Ek Sam Inc. one of the country’s top and trusted motorcycle dealer, unveils the debut of its newest and largest retail concept in the country with the grand opening of the first ever Honda Flagship Shop. Nestled at the heart of Cebu City, this Flagship Shop features an exemplary and modern display of the HPI’s commitment in providing convenience and satisfaction to all its customers.

Welcoming the customers is a striking facade with glass walls that enhances the elegance and stylishness of the building structure, it provides a preview of the stunning well planned interior of the shop. Going inside the Honda Flagship Shop, a modern industrial feel display is set to amaze everyone. Aside from the various competitive motorcycle design, the shops centerpiece is a three-layer motorcycle display made of sturdy metal, it is just one of the many innovations which can only be found in Honda’s Flagship Shop.

Serving as a gateway into the world of mobility for every Filipino family, at approximately 325 square meters of shop area, this spacious Honda Flagship Shop satisfies all needs of its customers, especially the solo users segment. A retail store with a cozy customer lounge, wide selection of top quality motorcycle choices, genuine spare parts and cutting-edge power products. This also includes to a modern service and maintenance facility with skillful and well-trained mechanics capable to serve the customer’s need daily.

Recognizing the need for more space in accommodating its customers, this flagship shop grandest feature is comprised of:
A test course facility at approximately 2,200 sq. meters, in which riders can test ride their new motorcycles or try out newly released models.
A huge parking space for both automobile and motorcycles in front of the building which is designed to accommodate flagship shop patrons, this space can be converted into an outdoor function area for the events to be prepared for all motorcycle enthusiasts.

In addition, the following features are expected to be finished and opened to the public this year.
A huge indoor multi-purpose function area, this is an ideal setting for all motorcycle club events and gatherings.
A coffee shop in which customers can enjoy while waiting for their serviced or purchased motorcycle.
Furthermore, to cater all the needs of Honda’s valued patrons throughout the country, new branches of Honda Flagship Shop will be opened in Davao and Manila on the 1st and 2nd quarter of calendar year 2017 respectively.

HPI together with its esteemed dealers adheres to its commitment in serving JOY to its CUSTOMERS through this kind of development. – HPI

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