A Man With An Amputated Leg Riding His KTM

The strength of the mind is often underrated. If channelled the right way, it can mould even the most broken down body to do things that we can never imagine. And here’s a perfect example of how it does so.

These pictures, shared by Sanchit Bhatnagar, show a man with an amputated right leg riding his KTM RC390. If that doesn’t get you through the day, we don’t know what will. He’s even found a place to hang up his crutches – the KTM’s trellis frame.

We wonder how he operates the rear brake though. Maybe he’s retrofitted some sort of ‘Combi Brake’ system. But brakes be damned if you’ve got the grit to ride with one leg. Respect has poured in for this unknown rider from all corners of the social media, and the pictures are going viral for the right reasons.

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