Why motorcycling is good for your health

A motorcycle has many benefits to us riders.

First, it’s a traffic buster as motorcycle allows us riders to filter through traffic. Second, motorcycles are cheaper compared to cars in terms of pricing and cost of maintenance. Third, smaller motorcycles consume a lot less fuel compared to four-wheeled vehicles and therefore a plus to our savings.

But do you know that motorcycle riding has health benefits as well?

Dr. Pamela Reilly said in her blog Good Works Wellness, motorcycle riding is a low-impact exercise that improves muscle tone, can assist with weight loss, and has a multitude of health benefits.

Reilly said that aside from building stronger knees and thighs, motorcycle riding improves core strength and burns calories.

Reilly added that riding our two wheels promoting better neck strength and improves mental outlook, which explains why we feel energized and refreshed after using our motorcycles.

“Riding a motorcycle has definite health advantages, both physical and emotional, stressed the health expert.

However, she pointed out that one has to ride smart to reap these benefits. That means getting proper training, avoiding drugs and alcohol, and being careful on the road.

“Get thoroughly trained before starting to ride and then take time to practice on back roads before hitting main thoroughfares. Take your time and don’t try to beat lights or get in front of slow drivers,” she said.

“As always, NEVER drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Even one beer can affect reaction time enough to impair shifting, clutch operation and turning ability.”

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