Trucks kill. So how do we avoid getting run over?

Some of the most horrifying motorcycle accidents here in the Philippines usually involve cargo trucks and passenger buses.

Yep, we see them all the time. Photos pasted on Facebook pages show the aftermath of riders being run over by these 10-wheelers (sometimes 18) or old buses, complete with blood, mangled limbs and even splattered brains.

How do we avoid being a victim of such accidents?

For sure, we can’t prohibit these buses from operating. They carry passengers from one point to another. Neither can we remove cargo trucks from the highways. They transport goods, which are one of the life bloods of our economy.

Here are ways to minimize the chances of being run over by large vehicles:

Be aware of their blind spots
The larger the vehicle, the bigger are the chances that their drivers won’t see a motorcycle riding near them. Make sure you ride from a safe distance and avoid tail gating them. If you can’t see the driver’s face in his side-view mirror, the driver can’t see you.

Consider their stopping distance
When overtaking or passing by a truck or bus, make sure you keep a healthy distance for them to notice you overtaking in front of them. Cutting their path is not only discourteous but also dangerous. The bigger the vehicle, the longer the distance they have to take when they make sudden stops. Mabigat kasi sila unlike our bikes. So even if bus drivers immediately step on the brakes, the vehicle will still skid due to its massive weight and could still hit you when you’re too close to its bumper.

Longer vehicles make wide turns
Avoid positioning your bikes beside a truck especially near corners. This is because they might make a turn which requires them to make a wide swing to avoid scraping the curb. Kapag nakapwesto ka sa gawing kaliwa, siguradong talsik ka. ‘Pag nasa kanan ka naman, siguradong pisak ka. You lose in both sides, so better stay at a safe distance.

Trucks and buses need space at the back
Make sure you provide lots of space behind a truck just in case they will need to drive in reverse. Truck drivers won’t see you for sure. Also, there is a possibility that when they release the brakes during stops the vehicle may roll back.

Turbulence and airflow
This is true especially in highways where trucks run really fast. A large truck or bus can create much turbulence due to their size and this airflow could easily throw off a small vehicle, lalo na ang mga bike. This is why they only allow 400cc and above bikes in super highways like NLEX and SLEX. The bigger your machine, the lesser the chance of you being thrown off by a large passing vehicle.

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