The magic of Low Mechanix

Once in a while, we come across “out of the ordinary” builds.

The “Low Mechanix Magic” is one of them.

From a 2013 Honda Wave, auto mechanic Robert Perez and his friends were able to craft a “trike” that looked like a hotrod.

What made it more appealing was their choice of theme: “The Beatles.”

Perez has been riding motorcycles for 20 years now and along the way he became a custom bike builder.

He said his motivation in modding bikes is “to be different from others.”

Basically what they did with the Wave was remove the front forks then install a two-wheel front assembly. They then crafted a chassis that will hold up the car’s body. They of course, retained the rear assembly of the Wave to make the car run.

Perez said the biggest challenge they encountered while working on the trike is finding a two-wheel assembly that would fit the front.

“A vintage Willy jeep front assembly was the answer. [We adjusted] how wide and how long [the assembly we need],” he said. “The whole project is a challenge, actually.”

Adding to the character is the steering wheel made out of iron chains and of course, what else? The Beatles! Beep-beep’n beep-beep, yeah!

They eventually decided to name the trike as Low Mechanix Magic.

Perez said most people were delighted to see their build that they were peppered with questions on how there were able to make their build possible.

When asked for tips about bike building, Perez said: “Just imagine and explore… Do it and finish what you’ve started. 

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