Promoting the beauty of the Philippines.

If you’re a foreign tourist frequenting the Philippine islands, chances are you have tried renting a bike to make your way around.

But if you’re looking for efficient customer service from a local bike rental, you might want to try out Book2Wheel.

Book2Wheel is an online booking website for renting motorbikes, which was established to offer tourists, foreign or local, the convenience to wander the islands on two-wheels.

It was set up by Furqan Mehmood Rathore, a Danish-Pakistani, who was enamored by the beauty of the Philippines.

“He went to the Philippines specifically in Cebu to study,” explained Rathore’s Filipina associate, Vanessa Chua.

“He’s a motorbike lover, he decided perhaps is would be good to invite tourist from other countries by allowing to rent motorbikes from other locals here in the Philippines.”

Book2Wheel has a wide range of motorcycles to offer to their clients, who visit the islands mostly for recreational purposes.

Bulk of their clients come from Europe and the US. There are also Asians and even Filipinos who book their services.

“Most of them are tourists who wanted to see Philippines,” said Vanessa. “We have also clients from other countries who have businesses here in the Philippines.”

Book2Wheel offer a wide range of bike choices to their clients. But Vanessa said most of them prefer to ride scooters because they are easy to use.

“They usually like fully automatic motorbikes. We have the Yamaha MIO Sporty because they are easy to drive. Some of them actually like big bikes like the Yamaha YBR. We offer it for 600 per day. They also love Honda XRM,” she said.

But Vanessa clarified they do not own all of the bikes listed in their fleet. She said they work in tandem with bike companies and even individual riders.

“They give us a rate, a daily, weekly or monthly. We do not ask anything from them, we work with marketing, we look for customers, but we do not ask anything from them. What we do is we just add 20% commission and the rest of the money is gonna be sent to them,” she said.

This way, she said, they help Pinoy riders to make a living out of their bikes.

They also help promote the beauty of the Philippines by allowing tourists to travel around the country.

“It’s one way of allowing Filipinos to earn money and at the same time, to increase tourism in our country and help tourist to have a way of transport to other places,” said Vanessa.

There are also other motorcycle rentals in the Philippines, but she said their outfit try to be different.

“One of the differences would be we offer good customer service, that’s number one. We usually reply as much as we can within an hour, that’s quite fast. We call clients and make sure they are able to get the motorbikes safely… they are able to enjoy it,” said Vanessa.

“So it more of like taking care of our clients. That’s the difference. we want to make sure that everyone’s happy.”

Book2Wheel has branches in Manila, Palawan, Boracay, Davao, Cebu, Bohol, Siquijor and Surigao.

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