How to take care of our chains

We all know that proper maintenance prolongs the lives of our beloved rides.

This includes regular oil changes, tire maintenance and especially chain maintenance. Our two wheels won’t run without this chain, unless your bike is a scoot or shaft driven.

Proper chain care will also help up prevent the inconvenience of a snapped motorcycle chain at the middle of your ride.

So how do we take care of our chains?


Make sure that you inspect all sections of the chain twice a month. If it moves more than an inch, then it needs some tightening. Don't adjust it too tight,. If individual chain links are too tight, then it’s probably time for you to buy a new set of chain.


Keep your chain clean to prolong its life. Use a reputable chain cleaner (there are     chain cleaning formulas available in the market). Others use the reliable WD40 or kerosene. Make sure you brush the chain thoroughly to remove the grime and the debris that might have been stuck in between links.


Lubricate your chain using a lubricant specifically made for motorcycle chains.  You can ask your nearby motorcycle shop about it. You will need to lubricate your chain in two locations: Spray the majority of the lubricant on the inside of the chain. This will help prevent fling and will force the lubricant lube into the chain while riding. You also need to spray lube directly to O-Rings.


Adjust chain tension if necessary. Proper tension means it should move up and down between an inch at its loosest point.

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