Yamaha Sniper squish-band modification

Anyway, Our Yamaha Sniper have stock 10.9 compression ratio.
the Yamaha R125 have 11.2 compression ratio, so why is it that the compression ratio of R125 is higher than our bike?

And by the way, R125 have more power than our T135 despite that our T135 have more cc's than R125. maybe because of the Much Higher Compression Ratio.

So its time to do the squishband thing

Possible problems with high compression ratio based from internet readings are the ff.
-Prone to detonation and pings
-Prone to valve and piston collision
-Hard starting due to high compression

well i have tested the above and will give you the results...

Prone to Detonation and Pings
-this can occur if the gasoline is low octane. but in our case
the lowest octane available in Gasoline Station now is 93octane
the highest available is 96octane

I have tried 93 octane gasoline and didnt get any problems with it.
so that means the high compression engine can survive with 93 octane. How much more if we use 95 or 96 octane gasoline.
so high compression than 10.9 is ok with our engine.

Prone to Valve and Piston Collision
-after around 5000km of travel, both long distance ride
and short rides. so far havent found any problem with it.
i have checked the piston and it looks good!
no scratches whatsoever. I have ride it to the fullest!
and got no problems.

Hard starting due to high compression
-well yes i experienced it but the starter can still able to 
start the engine with no problem.. I can start the engine
just like the normal 1 click start.

So here it is

This is the stock form, take note of the clearance

This is the finish now u have no clearance, your engine will become high compression, you have also increase in hp and torque.

To do this modification contact your local machine shop.

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