Vespa GTS 150 Super Sport Scooter

Mention the word Vespa to any rider and you get images of hip, retro scoots leisurely making its way up and down cobblestone streets shadowed by old historical buildings.  This is where the Vespa belongs, this is where it thrives.  Or does it?

Over the past several decades, the Vespa has transformed itself from the early utilitarian vehicles produced right after the 2nd World War to service the battle damaged roads of Italy to an unmistakable icon of cool and class epitomized by Aubrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck’s misadventures around the streets of Rome to today’s modern scooter, at home on both city and country roads, an example of efficiency and technology far removed from its original purpose but still retains its old world charm.

The Vespa GT series was introduced in 2003 after the success of the Vespa ET which was Vespa’s first new model in 20 years when it was first launched in 1996.

The GT series became the favorite of Vespa riders who were looking for a combination of a city scooter that can handle the ins and outs of the urban maze as well as a tourer with enough carrying capacity and power.  The introduction of the different models of GTs, which include the GT 200, GTS 250, GTS 300 and now the GTS 150 reinforces its position as the ultimate Vespa.

Nothing much has changed from the original design of the GT.  The body shape retains the classic Vespa curves, only on a bigger scale, which makes this Vespa truly a joy to look at.
The GTS 150 is designated as Super Sport due to the body styling retained from the Vespa GTS 300 Super Sport.  Vented fenders, red Super Sport graphics and red shock coil springs give the 150 a meaner, tougher look.  The big, round headlamp remains.  A really good functional headlamp which blends well with the classic look.   The only noticeable difference is the updated horn cover which is lifted from the Vespa Sprint and Primavera.

Being part of the GT family, the GTS 150 cmoes with the standard GT features.  A wide and ergonomic seat hides an ample under seat storage box.  Front and rear 12” rims which improve stability and handling.  Fold out pillion pegs as well as chrome handrails.  220mm front and rear disk brakes which work well in any speed.

Being the baby brother of the GT line, I wasn’t expecting too much from its 150cc 3v 11hp power plant.  Traffic maneuverability is slightly hindered by the bulky GT styling but the inceredible tight turning radius makes up for it in even the tightest situations.  Power delivery of the engine is perfect for urban commuting.  Linear power delivery without the surges of its more powerful siblings.  The suspension was a bit on the harsh side but I didn’t touch the adjustable pre load of the rear shock so that may have contributed to it.  Small bumps absorption is adequate at any speed but I suggest avoiding deeper stuff altogether as the GTS weight makes for a jarring experience.

On the open road, the GTS is in its element.  The wider, heavier body gives it the stability and feel of a much larger scooter.  The 11hp, fuel injected engine delivers smooth power throughout range of RPMs.  While it’s no speed demon, the GTS 150 carries enough punch to handle my 200+ pound frame easily past 100kmh with a bit more to spare.  The really smooth acceleration had me constantly glancing at the speedometer and checking the speed from our ride partners.  The bike felt slow but their responses proved otherwise.

Braking is outstanding.  The rear disk brakes were extremely strong, but still easy to feather, right out of the box.  The front brakes was a bit underwhelming, specially compared to the rear.  I suspect the front brakes will continue to imprpove while the brakes are run in as I felt a marked improvement by the end of the ride.

All in all, the Vespa GTS 150 delivers and is a welcome addition to the Vespa fleet.  I can confidently say that the GTS 150 fills the void between the Vespa LX/Primavera/Sprint and the soon to be released GTS 300.  Priced competitively at Php 200,000.00 I fully expect to see the Vespa GTS 150 cruising around the streets soon.

Engine Type              Single cylinder, 4 stroke, 3 valve with electronic injection
Cylinder Capacity         154.8 cc
Bore X stroke                 58 mm x 58.6 mm
Max power at crank 8.7 kW at 7500 rpm
Max torque                 12 Nm at 5000 rpm
Starting                         Electric
Clutch                         Automatic dry centrifugal clutch with vibration dampers
Load Bearing Structure Pressed Steel Frame with welded reinforcements
Front suspensions         Single arm design with coil spring and dual action mono shock absorber
Rear suspensions         Twin Coil spring with adjustable preload (4 settings), and hydraulic dual action
Front brake                 Hydraulically operated 200 mm ø stainless steel disc
Rear brake                 Mechanically operated 140 mm ø drum
Front tyre/rear tyre         Tubeless 120/70-12” / Tubeless 130/70-12″
Length                         1950 mm
Width                         740 mm
Wheelbase                 1350 mm
Seat height                 800 mm
Fuel tank capacity     9 litres
Emissions compliance Euro 3

Key Details:
GTS large frame chassis design for enhanced rider ergonomics
Super Sport inspired styling
12 inch diameter front and rear rims
Twin rear shock absorbers to enhance rider and pillion comfort
Powerful front and rear 220 mm disc brakes for safe and confident braking
Pillion passenger fold out pegs and chrome grab rail
Large under seat storage area and fold out glove box
Side stand with engine safety cut out switch.
Class leading security coded key immobiliser.
Efficient 150 3V fuel injected with CVT automatic transmission.
Easy to read analogue speedo
3 colours
Significantly reduced service costs with industry leading 10,000 klm periods.
2 year unlimited kilometre warranty

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