Motorcycle Braking Tips

So we know how to run our bikes.

We switch it on, kick start (or push the button), then throttle (with glee).
But how do we stop it properly? The more appropriate sentence I guess is, how do we apply the brakes properly?

Here are a few tips

• Squeeze the brake lever progressively. Try to perfect the technique to prevent your bike from nosediving.

• Avoid snatching the brake levers during emergency braking. Brake hard but do it progressively and firmly. Braking hard suddenly can cause your brake to lock especially at the front wheel (that’s bad… I mean really bad).

• If you brake hard at the front, try to go easy on the rear brake. Hard braking at the front will transfer your weight to the front shocks and lessen the weight from the rear part of the bike. This makes it easy for your rear brakes to lock.

• Always consider your braking distance, the road condition and the weight of your bike (including you and your pillion). The faster you ride, the more distance you add to your braking.

• Wet roads increases braking distance. Of course, your tires lose a bit of traction on wet roads so it adds up to your braking distance.

• If you notice something unusual about your brakes, have it checked immediately.

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