Casually Dressed Old man buys a Harley Davidson in CASH

In most cases, sales personnel are quick to judge a customer based on how he dresses. The more well dressed you are, the more chances you will be prioritized. However, what if one casually-dressed customer is actually richer than those who are formally-dressed?

A man from Thailand named Lung Decha decided to leave a lesson to all salespeople. He was planning to buy a motorbike and went to various motorbike dealers to show his interest. However, instead of wearing a professional or formal attire, he decided to dress like a poor man. He wore an oversized shirt, worn out pants and flip flops.

He tried showing interest from one motorbike shop to another but was not entertained immediately. When he went to a big bike shop, the sales person entertained him and showed him different bikes.

After ten minutes, he picked one bike that he liked.
‘I’ll have that one,” he said.

then, he took 600k baht from a pocket in his pants and paid for the impressive Harley Davidson motorbike in cash!
Lung Decha’s older sister uploaded the story in social media which went viral immediately. According to her, Decha was a partially retired mechanic who saved up so he could buy a motorbike. He worked hard because he had been dreaming of having a nice bike since he was very young.

This should be a moral lesson to all salespeople, no matter how a customer looks like, he/she deserves to be treated fairly.
Have you ever been ignored by a salesman? Tell us your story!

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