Sample of improper use of LED

This is one blatant example of how not to use LEDs on your motorcycle.

A Facebook video posted by concerned citizen showed a rider using a brightly blinking LED attached at the rear of his motorcycle.

The rider was at the intersection near Coastal Mall in Paranaque City, waiting for the green light. However, the LED on his rear was so bright that it blinds anyone positioned behind him.

The video was taken on March 17.

The rider was probably using a six-LED bar… We couldn’t really say, nakakasilaw eh. Too, bad we couldn’t see the bike’s plate number.

This is one of the reasons why authorities are hot on pinning riders regarding the improper use of LEDs in motorcycles.

When used correctly, Light Emitting Diodes (LED) should help riders get better visibility especially in dimly lit areas of the metropolis and even the provinces. But let’s not get carried away and blind other motorists with the improper use of these lights as this could lead to road accidents.

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