All New Yamaha R15 2017

Yamaha has just released the all-new R15 by adopting DNA Yamaha R-Series. The view outside is much more sporty and more superb performance than previous generations of Yamaha R15. Even the motor is adopting new engine technology with Variable Valve actuation (VVA) that make it have more power, but still fuel efficient. In addition, there are also upside down front suspension and a variety of advanced features that are not owned by his opponents, such as the Suzuki GSX-R150 and the All New Honda CBR150R.

Yamaha break-out Yamaha R15, so that the motor is able to beat the 150cc sport bike class. Even the design changed to 100% with a more aggressive design and body curvature which looks more sporty. In addition, the all-new R15 also adopted lamp equipped with Full HD and digital speedometer which makes it feel more sophisticated. About performance no doubt, because it outperforms Honda CBR150R and Suzuki GSX-R150. Well, who are curious to know how the actual prices of the All New Yamaha R15, please refer to the review below.

All New R15 each side looks different than its predecessor. It is not separated from the DNA Yamaha R-Series are adapted on this bike. For its dimensions alone, the all-new R15 has a length of 1999 mm, width 725 mm, height of 1,135 mm and a weight totaling 137 kg. Then to reach the seat height 815 mm and the wheel axis distance measuring 1,325 mm. Well the most interesting, the All New Yamaha R15 offers a new headlamp design that looks thinner and wear Full LED lights.

For the time being available in three colors consisting of red, black, and blue. All three look sporty with a cast full body fairing which have sharp indentations on each side. Unfortunately stalemate All New R15 feel less lost and look less sharp.

All New Yamaha R15 became the most powerful 150cc motor sport today. Performance is able to emulate the Suzuki GSX-R150, because the peak energy released reaches 14.3 KW, equivalent to 19.3 horsepower at 10,000 rpm. While the maximum torque of 14.7 Nm at 8,500 penetrate rpm. This capability is not separated from discharging capacity 155.1cc SOHC engine technology equipped with Variable Valve actuation (VVA). VVA technology first used Yamaha Nmax 155, and proven to generate very large power, but still fuel efficient.

Do not be surprised if the price of the all-new Yamaha R15 is priced more expensive than previous generations of Yamaha R15. Pasanya, this bike offers the greatest power in its class and has been fitted & Slipper Clutch Assist feature that is useful for smoothing permidahan tooth and increase the speed of acceleration. In addition, there are also burning Fuel Injection system that became mandatory standard motor sport today. Then there were the Liquid Cooled cooling system which makes optimum engine performance when lauched at maximum top speed.

All New Yamaha R15 will run very fast and beat his opponents 150cc class. To compensate for performance, Yamaha provide upside down front suspension with a diameter of 37mm. The suspension will increase the stability of the all-new R15, so penggunananya can drive very convenient. Comparable to the price of the all-new Yamaha R15, the motor is also equipped with front discs measuring 283 mm which makes the braking system the maximum.

At the rear is also mounted disc brakes combined with sporty alloy wheels with tires sized 140 / 70-17. As for the front, the all-new Yamaha R15 has a tire size of 100 / 80-17. Then there was the Delta Box frame which extends on each side of the all-new R15. Yamaha unfortunately not innovate on the part of the exhaust, so it is better to replace it with a friend who has a muffler after market cooler design and sound more roll than standard exhaust factory default.

As with which we made above, the All New Yamaha R15 feature & Assist Slipper Clutch. Where Assist feature will make the operation of the clutch All New R15 becomes lighter. While Slipper Clutch features will refine the gearshift, so the ability to accelerate all-new R15 faster. In addition, there are also features Full Digital Speedometer shift timing light feature that is useful to inform the position of the teeth and the speedometer can we set according to taste. Then on the front and rear LED lights have been installed with Hazard who are ready to provide illumination to the fullest.


Dimensions 1,990 x 725 x 1,135 mm
Seat height 815 mm
Distance axis 1.325 mm Rod
Weight 137 kg
Liqquid Cooled Engine Type 4-stroke, SOHC
Number of Cylinders Single Cylinder
The volume of 155.1 cc Cylinders
Bore x Stroke 58 x 58.7 mm
Compression ratio 11.6: 1
Maximum power of 14.2 kW (19.3 HP) @ 10,000 rpm
Maximum torque of 14.7 Nm @ 8,500 rpm
Electric Starter System
Capacity Fuel 11 Liter
Fuel Injection Combustion System
Clutch Type Wet Type Multi-Plate Clutch
Front Tire Size 100 / 80-17 M / C 52P
Rear tire size 140 / 70-17 M / C 66s
Suspension Front Upside Down
Aluminum Rear Suspension Rear Arm

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