Yes, you’re looking at a Honda XRM

Would you believe that this bike used to be a Honda XRM?

But through the ingenuity of the guys at Ogie Modifiber Works, it was converted into a mini-cruiser!

Ogie Pantaleon, a former overseas Filipino worker, built the cruiser for his daughter. His daughter chose the design based on the bikes they saw in American Chopper Magazine.

“My daughter chooses the design.” explained Ogie. “So she was checking on patterns at American chopper. She's a girl that's why we've made it single seater.”

Before opening his own shop in Bulacan, Ogie used to work in Saudi Arabia as a fiber craftsman.

“I've work in fiber shop in Saudi, So most of my work is making fiber bumper on trucks. When I returned in here in the Philippines, I saw so many motorcycles.” he said.

There were many fiber shops in his area that is why needed to vary his trade. This prompted Ogie to venture into the business of bike and car modification.

“I need something to do, something different, Then I was making a different bike. I made my own design,” he said.

Aside from fashioning a cruiser out of an underbone bike, his shop was also able to convert an XRM into a baby sportsbike. This one is for his son, he said.

Their creations won awards in various motor shows, he said while beaming with pride.

His shop was also commissioned to modify a Mini Cooper for a local comedy flick. Ogie said they patterned the Kimi Dora Mini Cooper after a toy car.

“They provide old mini cooper then I make the pattern in toy mini cooper,” said the fiber expert.

Ogie’s bikes are proof that with talent and a bit of imagination, you can create something beyond the ordinary.

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