When choosing your 1st bike

Everybody has to start somewhere.

Before picking your very first bike for that long ride you’ve always wanted to do or for communting purposes, there are few things you have to consider.

About.com’s motorcycle expert Basem Wasef listed some of the things you’d want to look over before making your way to the nearest motorcycle shop and purchasing your own bike.

1. Don’t overestimate your ability

Wasef said that one common mistake among newbies is they buy motorcycles they can’t handle. Kumbaga medyo pang-automatic level palang ang riding skills eh gusto nang bumili ng 400cc.

He said there’s nothing wrong about buying a slower bike.

“When you learn how to ride on a slower bike, you’ll become a better rider because of it. Plus, after you’ve honed your skills and gained experience, you’ll be ready to upgrade and truly appreciate a faster bike,” he said.

2. Consider your needs

Where do you plan to use your ride? Is it for rough terrain or road use? Are you going to ride through metro traffic or are you going to blast along the highway?

There are specific types of motorcycles for certain terrains. Some are for dual purpose, touring or city riding.

Make sure you choose the best motorcycle that fits your riding needs.

Know your options

Don’t get locked into a single type of bike as there are several motorcycle brands in the market.

There’s a healthy competition among bike companies in the Philippines and there are some companies that offer test rides to prospective buyers. Take advantage of such offers to get the feel of the bikes your planning to puchase.

Some companies are offering promos for the benefit of the riders. Check out the offers, the bike and the serves the companies provide.

4. Choose a bike that fits your body

Make sure that you pick a bike perfect for your height. Medyo mahihirapan ka kung 5-footer ka, tapos pipili ka ng matangkad na dirt bike.

Also consider the riding position… masyado bang dapa para sa ‘yo? It’s OK if you’re in your 20s, pero it’s going to put a loooot of stresss on your back if you’re in your 50s.

5. Consider your budget

“When committing to buy a motorcycle, don’t forget to estimate all the added expenses associated with riding,” said Wasef.

This includes the type of payment terms you’re entering. Can you pay up in full or are you opting for installment.

Can your wallet handle the monthly payment? Or do you prefer splurging more on accessories then have your bike taken back by the company.

6. Invest on gears

This is possibly the most important thing you have to consider before buying a bike.

If you’re willing to buy a motorcycle, you should be more willing to invest on quality safety gear. Do purchase durable helmets, gloves, knee and elbow pads especially for long rides.

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