If you see those double yellow lines on the road, here's what you should do

This will be very short, dear friends. But you need to pay attention because this information--assuming you don't know it yet--could save your life or somebody else's.

Today, we posted another viral video on our Facebook page, showing an MPV sending a motorcycle rider in the opposite lane somersaulting in the air after its driver overtook another vehicle on what was clearly a double yellow line. What does this road marking mean? What does it tell motorists to do?

Pardon the very elementary questions, but you have to understand that so many Filipino drivers don't even have a clue as to the meaning of the double yellow line. So here it is.

If you see a double solid yellow line, it means you're in a no-passing zone. Which means it is strictly prohibited to overtake or counter-flow, as doing so is highly likely to result in an accident. You will commonly see this marking on bridges and on blind curves. Do not gamble with anyone's life. Trust the road engineers and designers. They put that marking there for a reason. It's not for cosmetic purposes.

Again, if you see this marking on the ashphalt, here's what you should do: STAY IN YOUR LANE.

Share this with your loved ones, guys. Seriously.

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