From Junk to Rock!

Check out this impressive build by Wendz Santiago, wherein he turned an old bike to an old, yes, but classy one.

Wendz, a 32-year-old sales data analyst, said he found the bike rotting away in a junk shop not far from his home.

He said it was an old 250cc motorcycle by Zongshen.

“I bought from a nearby junkshop. I am convinced about the price,” said Wendz.

Since he is fond of rebuilding bikes, he decided to take the motorcycle home and bring it back to life.

The design he had in mind? Yes, you guessed it right: a café racer.

But apart from modifying the bike’s frame, Wendz said he encountered certain challenges in his pursuit to make the motorcycle functional.

“The biggest challenge was the rear part of the seat –where the integrated brake and turn lights are placed. Another thing is the clutch, pain in the ass, promise bro,” he said.

Although he has been doing bike modifications for years, Wendz said he started out just like everybody else.

“It all started with a DIY (do-it-yourself) project. Being a ‘siraniko’ is part of the learning process,” he said.

All of his bike works turned out to be café racers. He also remembered having an easy time selling his first build.

“I sold the first one (a Honda CB1 400) within an hour of posting it in the net,” said Wendz. “[It] got sold immediately. I was surprice."

So why are café racers experiencing a “boom” these days?

“It's like fashion, fashion that returned in time.” said Wendz. “If you’re gonna ask why I’m so into it, there is a certain sexiness that incorporates, it's difficult to explain. I’m sure you know what I mean.”

He said that saving that bike from junk is out of love for the build.

“Really, it’s about the love for the bike and seeing it on the streets with a brand new persona.”

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