Disability is not Inability

See the guy in this picture?

He’ll put those lazy-assed but able men into shame with his ability to do some bike work despite missing one hand.

Matthews “Theo” Laudiano is a 22-year-old fire volunteer who works for the Mandaluyong Fire Department.

Theo lost his left hand at the age of 10 while he was helping out his mom’s co-workers at a fish cracker factory.

“My mother work there, I help with her co-worker, then that night, ‘I don't know why Im sliding through the machine,” he recounted. “Thats why my hands get grind in fish cracker.”

This, however, did not stop Theo from living a normal life.

Years later, he discovered the joy of riding a motorcycle. It was at this point when he learned how to tinker with motorcycles.

“I opened engines, I also do tune ups and working on scooters,” he said. ‘Others hire me on their shops and help in their repairs, and also to know more about motorcycle parts.”

Sometimes he gets paid, but most of the time he refuses to take payments because most of those who seek his services are his friends.

“’Sometimes others may give money ‘but most of the time I did not accpet. I'd like to help them,” said Theo

He is also quite generous with his abilities. He also teaches others how to repair their bikes.

“’I also help them repair their bikes,” said Theo.

So for those who are satisfied wasting their time laying around and watching TV, take a good look at Theo and he might convince you to do something productive.

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