Is this document for real? New ‘LTO memo’ angers riders

There’s a picture of a memorandum allegedly issued by the Land Transportation Office that has been circulating online.

The memorandum purpurtedly issued on January 3, 2017, said the LTO has been receiving complaints on the “physical change or alteration” of motorcycles, such as “body configuration of handle bar and muffler that are in violation of the existing LTO land transporation laws.”

The office threby ordered its law enforcement units to apprehend violators.

The document bears a signature of LTO chief Edgar Galvante.

The document sparked negative reaction from motorcycle riders, especially those who use their two wheels for daily commute.

“Motorcycle riders is their victim, because they could not afford an attorney, most of them is poor. If any they caught using 4-wheels, the driver may call an attorney, or else they will call Pres. Digong in Malacañang,” said Enrique Faigane in his online comment.

“Always the motorcycle,” said Roel Gaara Bangz Andino.

“Son of a shark. what was that memo again. Maybe that law has not yet passed am I right? they just got received it, it is always for review and they have the obligation to let the motorists know as sign of warning because it can be a law,” said Deeone Orlina.

“Its difficult why always the motorcyclist is in the heat list and one thing they can always block the product that has been illegal so that it cannot be bought by the public! the difficulty in them they know that there is money in that law thats why they'd do it!” Thotik Jeremias Jamison II.

One rider even appealed to President Duterte, a rider himself, to look into the LTO memo

“President digong its over your people in LTO why is that always the motorcycle rider is always targeted!” said June Morales.

But one netizen pointed out that the LTO document may be spurious.

Aldian Baldoza said the memorandum has no circular number.

“If that memo is legit there may be a circular no. that has been indicated,” he said.

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