If Batman owned a Beat, this would be it

We have been featuring customized bikes in the past, but we haven’t featured any heavily modified scooter yet.

So when we spotted King Owen Sagrado Amad’s beautifully customized Honda Beat online, we decided to check it out.

The 32-year-old Amad hails from the Southern part of the Philippines in Cotabato City and has been riding motorcycles for five years now.

He became interested in modifying the 110cc scoot when he acquired it from a friend who was studying for the bar exam.

“Before I didn't see any Honda Beat that has been fully modified, until such time that I have a friend who is going to take a bar exam and he sells his bike to me. said Amad.

He remembered seeing the scooter pretty much beat up with several parts like the headlight, damaged.

it was quite a challenge customizing the scooter, which he affectionately named BeatMan (after the Dark Knight, of course), as he needed to research and source the parts he wanted to install on the Honda Beat.

“I search through the net but during that time I didn't see any parts and accessories available in the market about the bike, since I am new owner of the honda beat,” he said.

Fortunately, he met a guy who crafts custom made parts for scooters. With Amad’s design and his friend’s know how, they were able to transform “BeatMan” into a bad ass monster.

Although they kept the engine stock, a lot of parts were installed on BeatMan. Amad said he didn’t want to make a race bike out of his scooter as he prefers it to be a tourer.

“Mostly the parts has been modified is the outer only since it is for touring purposes only, like: CDI, racing pully, lighten balls, fatty tires, mags rear and front, swing arm, rear break system from break drum to disk brake, some fairing, pipe, handle, lights and brackets,” he said.

The result? Well, we have to say it’s astonishing.

If Batman had a scooter, this would be it.

“Paid off all my expenses when someone appriciates your bike, I feel satisfied” said a pleased Amad.


  1. Boss magandang araw, ganda po ng beat nyo, pwede po pahingi idea at instructions pano i convert para maging naked handle bar. Salamat po sa inspiration

  2. boss saan po pwd bumili ng extebsion ng swing arm sa honda beat

  3. May available ka ba na crash sidings kagaya Nyan?


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