Cub: From Stock to Rock!

This is no cub, but certainly it looks like a killer.

According to Nino Cannu, a Novaliches-based builder who specializes on hotrod trucks and custom bikes, this is a Stealth 100.

Nino said he initially planned on modifying his Honda Cub, but he sold the bike together with his Volkwagen.

“I can't think that I will not accept the offer, I don't see any cub that has low price. and I think this okay to build, the rareness of the gas tank”

The bike underwent serious changes.

First, Nino removed all the chrome parts. Then the rear shocks were replaced with shorter ones, the rims and tires were changed, too. To handle the new LED head and tail lights lights, Nino installed a bigger battery. The gear shifter is a rugged beauty: It’s manipulated with a stick shift that has a brass knuckle for a handle. Nino painted the bike with deep black.

Another special feature of this bike is the interchangeable handle bars.

“I have three different handle bars for this bike, dependent on the looks or mood.”

From an ordinary looking motorcycle, it became a mean looking fiend, one that demands attention.

“Many people ask me if what is that bike. hehe the bike has its own character. very different from the other,” said Nino.

Nino said he wants to build his bikes fast because he wants to ride them right away.

“The very challenging fact for this project is time. when boredom strikes I wan't to ride the bike soon as possible,” he said.

Nino believes that the key to any creative build is to brush aside the fear of trying out something new.

“For those who wants to build their bikes, don't be affraid to experiment and try something new, because you'll never know if don't try.”

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