CCTV Footage Of Tragic Car Accident In Capas, Tarlac, Which Would Serve As Precaution To All Motorists

A tragic car accident happened in Capas, Tarlac last December 25, 2016, was caught in a CCTV footage, which would serve as a precaution to all motorists.

An accident on the road is very common nowadays during holidays and even everyday. A car accident in the Philippines continued to increase as the traffic issues get worse. Reckless driving is one of the main reason for that incident, being alert and careful on the road can help motorists to prevent this kind of accident.

CCTV footage taken in Tarlac shows a very sensitive graphic, which is not suitable for all audiences. Parental guidance is recommended for minor viewers. People with a nervous breakdown or heart issues were not advisable to watch the video.

The video shows the main road in Capas, Tarlac, while vehicles are passing through during Christmas day. But a white Toyota Fortuner suddenly overlapped on the opposite lane, which was designed for the opposite direction.

The white Fortuner suddenly collided with a motorcycle consisting of 4 people, which is running in its lane. The collision’s strong impact threw the motorcycle passengers for almost 4 meters away from the vehicle.

The motorcycle contains 4 persons, 2 of them were children. The motorcycle driver and his wife died while treated in the hospital, while their son was dead on the spot, only their daughter Jillian was able to survive the tragic accident.

It was obviously the Fortuner’s fault for passing on the other lane, according to witnesses. The driver of the Toyota Fortuner was allegedly fell asleep while driving, according to a netizen who personally witnessed the incident.

The irresponsible driver has allegedly negotiated the relatives of victims by paying P500, 000 for 3 lost lives without undergoing the legal process on the court. Many netizens were so disappointed on the incident and they seek justice for the motorcycle passengers.

This car accident should serve as a precaution and warning for every motorist to extra careful when driving to avoid this incident.


  1. I think P500,000 is not enough for those who lost lives. It's simple, if you feel sleepy, park your car on the side of the highway and take a nap. Also, found a viral accident that happened along EDSA, what can you say about this post?

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