A simple tips to avoid Accident

One morning, we’ve come across a Facebook post reporting a highway accident that took place along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City.

Several riders were hurt because of a multi motorcycle collision that began when one rider beat the red light and the other sped ahead just seconds before the light turned green.

Now nobody wanted this to happen, that’s why it’s called an “accident.”

We can’t control other drivers from doing stupid things on the road but we could minimize the chances of us getting into such hurtful situation by following these tips:

Keep your motorcycle road worthy

Always make sure that your bike undergo proper maintenance to make sure that is doesn’t malfunction while you’re speeding along the highway.

Check if your turn signals are working, if your headlight is still bright, if your motorcycle chain is already dangling, if your tires have the right air pressure… stuff like that. Most of all, the BRAKES. Riding at high speeds is enjoyable, but having no brakes is no fun at all. A properly maintained motorcycle can easily be controlled and if you’re in total control of the bike, then it’s easier to maneuver your way out of danger.

Keep your eyes on the road
Avoid distraction as much as possible. We know it’s difficult to avoid looking at sexy legs, but for your safety, it’s best to look at where you’re going to (after a quick look at the legs).

DO NOT USE YOUR CELL PHONE WHILE RIDING. Those riding ATs tend to take advantage of the “twist and go” feature of their scooters by using cellphones while operating their bikes. Sure, it hooks you up with your girlfriend, but it could also hook you up to a stretcher. Lots of things could happen while on the road. A dog might cross your path, a kid might run across the street, or some dumb four-wheel driver is making a turn while also texting.

Follow traffic rules
Traffic lights, signs and rules were made for a reason: to keep the roads safe. Okay, we admit that there are some stupid traffic rules out there (like prohibiting a rider from modifying their handlebar WTF?!), but most of those rules are necessary to prevent chaos on the road. When the light says red, you better stop because other cars and motorcycles will be crossing. Do not beat the red light and don’t rush ahead second before the light turns green. See what happened along Commonwealth?

Ignore aggressive riders

Often times, you’d be meeting a rider who wants to make a racetrack out of the regular highway. That moron would probably be challenging you to a race by revving his bike aggressively and looking at you while you wait for the traffic light to turn green. Don’t be moron number 2 by agreeing to a race at a busy road. Try to keep cool and remember the reason you bought a bike: To commute and to enjoy the ride. It’s nice to race once in a while, but always remember that someone home is waiting for you.

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