5 ‘must have’ cellphone apps for Pinoy riders

On this day and age a sizable number of the world’s population has access to smart phones. You girlfriend has one, your father probably owns two… heck, even mamang magbobote probably enjoys free data thru his android phone.

This means most motorcycle riders own smart phones which contains lots of applications that could make your riding experience more convenient and enjoyable.

So which apps are perfect a rider’s use? Here are five of the “must have apps” for every Pinoy rider out there.

Google maps

Are you the shy type who doesn’t want to ask around for directions? Do you always veer away from your destination and always get lost?

Google maps is a user friendly app that can help you locate your direction without unfolding an actual map.

Through this app, you can trace the route from which every part of the country you are up to your destination. The app also provides several choices depending on the filters you apply. All you have to do is search your destination, type your point of origin (your location), apply the filters and viola! The map will present you at least two route choices, you choose the fastest route.

Google map looks like an actual map with all the road outlines, street names, etc. Google is also updating its maps often times to give users the latest about road closures.


When riding out of town, you usually take pictures of the beautiful scenery you encounter along the way. What better way to share the photos you take by using Instagram?

Instagram is one of the best mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking service out there that allows users to take pictures and videos, and share their experiences online.

You can also post artful presentation of your photos by utilizing the filters the app offers. Instagram photos can be linked to other social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.


Tired of getting wet because of the rains? You can avoid getting splashed by heavy downpours by using the AccuWeather app.

The AccuWeather provides weather forecasts and even real time weather updates in any area you type on your phone screen. It’s got current updates and hourly and daily forecasts so you’d know kung uulanin or maaraw ang lugar na pupuntahan mo.

Let’s say you have a ride coming up this Sunday… just type the address and check out the weather forecast for that area on Sunday. At least you’d know it your about to ride through the rain and have your rain gears ready. Or if it’s sunny, you’d bring the more comfortable jacket you have in your closet so you won’t bathe with your own pawis while riding (and avoid BO).

Battery Doctor

Although some riders install chargers on their bikes or maybe they carry fast chargers with them, it’s also convenient to have the Battery Doctor app in your phone.

This app helps extend your battery charge by preserving the power of your android or IPhone. It has a Battery Monitor, which will show you at a glance all the apps you have running, and how much battery life can be extended on each one.

This way, you won’t have to stop in the middle of the road to plug your phone to your charger. It will save you travel time… a rider essential, really.

Traffic Rider

Now whenever you make stops with your rider group, there’s probably lots of tambay time. You’re already done with the picture taking and you’re just killing time at a place where there’s no good scenery… it convenient to have an app to help you pass time.

The Traffic Rider app is a game actually that simulates real life riding. It shows you behind the wheels of a motorbike (just the like real thing, actually). It’s got detailed graphics, real life recorded bike sounds, it’s old school fun and simple to use.

It’s riding a motorcycle without riding.

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