Top 10 Best Motorcycles in the Philippines 2016

Motorcycles are great for transport on the busy streets of Manila. While not the most glamorous of vehicles, and there's an inherent risk in riding a two-wheeler on Philippine roads, they are a great option for those looking for an inexpensive means of travel and they work really well for as long as the sky isn't pouring. Today we take a look top rated motorcycles, to help you decide the best bike for you.

10. Yamaha Sniper

The Yamaha Sniper is a comfortable everyday bike with a high ride for those long sessions in traffic. With a 135cc engine that puts enough power into the pavement, the sleek contours and a blade-like design for that over aerodynamic, sporty look. The liquid-cooled engine and strong performance truly embody Yamaha's design philosophy.

9. Yamaha YZF-R1

In the world of superbikes, there are few as legendary to behold as the Yamaha R1, and the YZF-R1 has just entered a refresh after six years, giving us a vision of a superlative superbike. The R1 has a much more agile and powerful chassis, worthy of taking the R1's massive 998cc engine. While it's certainly pricey, and the latest model is by invitation and can't even be acquired through normal means, the R1 is a true icon and one every serious biker would want.

8. Honda Wave 125
The sporty Honda Wave 125 has a 125cc engine befitting its name, but what makes this underbone bike special is its legendary reliability and fuel efficiency, something the average bike rider in this country is very conscious about. Honda has something special in the wave series, an affordable but powerful, high displacement bike that has a very efficient engine to save you gas

7. Yamaha Mio Sporty
The Yamaha Mio Sporty manages to strike a fine balance between cost, usability, and power. It's easy to ride and easy to maneuver and is very affordable. The 114cc engine is ample to push the light frame around and is very good for everyday city use. It's a great option for those who need a basic bike.

6. Honda XRM125
If you found the Honda Wave 125 a little simplistic, you can opt for the Honda XRM125 instead. Although it shares a similar 125cc engine, it eschews the underbone design for a sturdy bike that fits Honda's flagship model in the Dual Sport range. The XRM125 represents an affordable all-purpose bike that won't break the bank.

5. Yamaha Mio Soul i 125

The Yamaha Mio Soul i 125 is the bigger sister of the Mio Sporty. For those looking for a stylish, slim underbone bike with a stronger engine, the Mio Soul i 125 has an upgraded 125cc engine which gives the bike much more power along with a lighter frame. The super-efficient gas engine and the light frame all come in a great affordable package that has the Yamaha seal of quality.

4. Yamaha Sniper MX 150
Moving up the ladder from the Sniper, the Sniper 150 MXi packs a larger 150cc engine that's more powerful, more efficient and sportier, resulting in a motorbike that has a sleek cutting-edge design and performance approaching that of Yamaha's R-series standard. If you're looking for sporty race performance in an everyday bike, the Sniper 150 MXi has your number.

3. Honda CBR150R

The Honda CBR150R takes Honda's famous CBR series and reduces it into a smaller 150cc engine. But while the CBR150R isn't as powerful as the CBR250R, it still has a satisfying level of performance and the styling of Honda's CBR line that makes it a stunning motorbike in this category. And that's what the CBR is – the most affordable CBR motorcycle in Honda's stable that gives you great performance at a great price.

2. Suzuki Raider R150
Suzuki has one of the most coveted bikes in the Philippines with the Suzuki Raider R150. The 150cc engine segment is the most popular one in the local market, and the Raider R150 stands atop with its sleek, thin appearance and a powerful 150cc double overhead camshaft engine. The Raider R150 has unparalleled engine performance in its class and is worthy of all the acclaim it gets.

1. Yamaha Mio

The most popular bike in the Philippines right now is the Yamaha Mio. It has the same larger body and frame as the Mio Soul i 125, but it's cheaper, more affordable and a great step up from the Mio Sporty. Its 124cc engine has the same kick, and it's slightly smaller and lighter than the Mio Soul, giving it the kind of drivability and control that is great for the Philippine roads. If you are looking for an affordable all-around underbone scooter that's perfect for everyday use, the Yamaha Mio is your top choice.

For those that are looking for the best motorcycle for their needs, it's important to take note of how you are going to use the bike. Most of the bikes that do well in the Philippine market are 150cc or lower, as there aren't really any racing circuits for motorcycles locally and everyone is just looking for a solid commuter bike to get them around the city. That doesn't mean that you have to give up on looks and styling.


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