Suzuki Introduces the new EN150i 2017

Suzuki Introduces the new EN150i remake of the thunder, here are some sneak peak of the feature of this bike.


CCRC (China Road Racing Championship) Official Partner
In this game of speed the EN150 leads the way as an official partner of CRRC. EN150 delivers the excitement of road racing.


An extra ordinary riding experience, the EN150 features a body design that reduces wind resistance bu deflecting the wind around the vehicle. The grooved oil tank enables your body to remain close to the motorcycle, reducing wind resistance effectively and integrating the bike with the rider. The Digital dashboardm hydro-pneumatic shock absorbers, stainless steel muffler and aero explosion proof fuel thank cap that ensure you have an unforgettable ride.


Control your future, EN150 always applies the most advanced technologies in pursuit of the perfect ride.

The DCP-FI System can accurately control the air-fule ratio and ignition timing, ensuring smooth acceleration and strong power. It uses the deceleration fuel cut-off technology and consumes 10% less fuel than conventional carburators. With an intelligent sensor of environment conditions, its electric starter ensures that the engine starts on the first attemp whether at low temperatures of -20 degrees or on a plateau with an altitude of 5,000m. with the help of a fuel cut sensor, start up protection and high speed protection, safety is ensured. The system has a much longer service life with 12 patented technologies including the self-cleaning injector nozzle.


0-200m acceleration: 12.26 seconds only. Using the DCP-FI system, the S150Fi engine adopts ten core technologies, including efficient combustion, six speed transmission, and double buffer balancer, ensuring more sufficient combustion of air-fuel mixture and great power. the maximum power of the S150fi engine is 8.8kW. the peak torque is 11N-m, and its 0-200m accelaratin is only 12.26 seconds.


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