Motorcycle safety

Filipinos are 'untrained' riders

For the program's organizers however, motorcycles are tools, similar to guns, which when wielded by the irresponsible could be dangerous. Suzuki Philippines president Satoshi Uchida said that unlike other nationalities, most Filipino motorcycle riders are untrained in how to drive safely.

“They lack training compared to other nationalities. That's why we are doing this program, to guide them and to make the streets safer,” he said. Uchida added that 90 percent of these accidents are caused by human errors.

Here are some safety tips in driving a motorcycle:

Lay off the booze: If you were drunk, you have less focus on the road, your reflexes is delayed, thats the number one causes of accident. better if you drive or ride don't drink or don't get drunk.

Don't drive when you're angry: If you are in a super bad mood, you're concentration on the road is affected, and that is problem. less concentration, less focus, prone to accident.

Bike Modifications: If your into modifying your bike be sure that it is safe, be sure that its not compromising safety features. like for example changing small tires than stock or using super big tires than stock, this modification is changing the way your bike moves, even handling changes, what if you're in emergency situation like you're running at 80kph then suddenly theirs a dog, what will gonna happen? modifying your bike is more of a common sense.

Wear protective gear at all times: Even if you're in a short ride, city ride, wear your basic gear at all times specially helmet, padded jackets, gloves and shoes. it will protect you for some minor accidents. "Don't dress for ride, Dress for the fall"

Don't be a Showboat: Don't be boastful when you were riding your motorcycle, drive normally. remember that we have only two wheels, one small wrong move and were done!.

Know your Limits: Don't ride fast, faster than your guardian angel can fly. the point is don't ride if you can't handle specially the speed. if you're comfortable riding at 20kph or 50kph its okay at least your in a speed that you can handle. Ride at your own pace.

Take a long ride or group ride sometimes this will enhance your skills improve your mind on handling emergencies this will help you to become a skilled rider. In riding motorcycle Skill is very important.

Finally always make sure that you're bike is in fully good running condition, have a minor checklist, like brakes, handling if it changes, tires, check all accessories like signal lights, brake lights, headlights this part is always in good condition.

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