Gas Saving Tips

I know this is not new to most of you but let me just impart the surest way to improve our rising fuel cost problem by changing our motoring habits. Listed below are some practical and effective methods of doing so… no need to buy expensive add-on additives/mods. The summary here is that we can all save gas without having modifying our engines.

• Avoid prolonged engine warm-up, even on cold mornings – 30 to 45 seconds is plenty of time as today’s modern motorcycles are designed to be ridden almost immediately.
• Don’t start and stop the engine needlessly. Letting our engine idle for one minute consumes the gas amount equivalent to when you start the engine.
• Avoid “revving” the engine, especially just before you switch the engine off; as this will only waste fuel needlessly.
• Eliminate jack-rabbit starts. Accelerate slowly when starting from dead stop. Try to accelerate gently, brake gradually and avoid sudden stops when riding.

• Buy gasoline during the coolest time of the day. Early morning or late evening is best. During these times gasoline is densest. Keep in mind – gas pumps measure volumes of gasoline, not densities of fuel concentration. You are charged according to “volume of measurement”.
• Avoid filling your tank to its fullest. Overfilling will only result in fuel sloshing over and out of the tank.
• It is best to purchase gas from a station that is busy. Gas that sits in tanks for long periods can get contaminated and can lower its effectiveness. Fresh gas is less likely to be contaminated ensuring you get the most power for your money.

• Traveling at fast rate in low gears can actually consume up to 45% more fuel than is needed.
• Manual transmission equipped motorcycles allow you to change to the highest gear as soon as possible, thereby letting you save gas if you “nurse it along”. But don’t let it “bog down” too much as this can lead to premature engine wear.
• Drive steadily. Unnecessary slowing down or speeding up not only wastes fuel but also puts a strain on your drivetrain.
• Use alternate roads that are safer, shorter, and straighter. Compare travelling distance difference – remember that stoplights, corners, and curves require extra gas.
• And lastly, do you really need to drive that 4wheel vehicle? They are alright for weekend family trips, but driving it to work all alone is a waste. This is why I consider owning a more fuel efficient motorcycle for my everyday use.

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